11-12 May 2019
Jagiellonian University
Kraków, Poland




Previous Editions


The idea of the Cracow Cognitive Science Conference (CSCC) appeared in 2007.

Later that year the first CCC took place. The founders’ main goal was to create a place to share knowledge and diversified approaches to mind and brain sciences.


The Conference took place year after year for five subsequent years. In that time a number of participants presented new research and current trends in the field of Cognitive Science. Prof. Włodzisław Duch, prof. dr hab. inż. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, prof. Edward Nęcka and many other great scientists honoured the Conference with their presence. For the next two years the Conference was withhold. Finally, thanks to the establishment of the Jagiellonian University’s Cognitive Science Student Association, the Conference meetings were resumed. The topic of the VI CCC, organised in 2014, was “SENSES”, and prof. Kevin O'Regan from Université René Descartes, a physicist and a philosopher who studies the phenomenon of visual perception and awareness, was the Key Presenter. The VII edition was held under the theme of “LANGUAGE” and Prof. Elisabetta Gola from Università di Cagliari was the special guest. In 2015 we got as many as 120 papers from all over Poland, as well as from other countries. We achieved similar success during VII edition, which main topic was “INTELLIGENCE”. That time we had the opportunity to hear out 4 specialists : dr. Adama Hampshire (Imperial College London), prof. Olivera Wilhelma (University of Ulm), dr. Jonathan Nelson and dr Tarek Besold (Free University of Bozen), their lectures were a great highlight of the conference.

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The topic that was widely discussed from many perspectives last year, in 2017, was “CONSCIOUSNESS”. We’ve been honored to guest as a keynote speaker Prof. Michael Pauen (Humboldt University of Berlin and Berlin School of Mind and Brain), Prof. Axel Cleeremans (Institute of Psychology at Universite Libre de Bruxelles and French National Research Fund (FNRS), Dr hab. Michał Wierzchoń (Jagiellonian University Institute of Psychology and C-LAB) and Dr Michał Bola (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology). In 2017 we also organised workshops during the conference for the first time: EEG workshop run by Urszula Górska and Bridging the gap between philosophy and science” Workshop run by Juan Loaiza. Both of them were great success, and we decided to organise them as well during subsequent editions.

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10th – anniversary – edition of Cracow Cognitive Science Conference took place on May 12th -13th 2018. The main topic of discussions was “Technology”. For the first time in history, the conference was held in whole part in english. In two complementary modules – Problems and Methods – twenty speakers from Poland and abroad shared their knowledge and experiences on their own studies. What is more, all participants had an occasion to hear four special lectures. Two representatives of Jagiellonian University gave talks under the combined title „From technology to experience through experiments”. Dr Jan Argasiński's talk „Virtual Reality as a Medium for Inquiry” was followed by the talk of dr Magdalena Reuter concerning „Phenomenology of Sensory Substitution”. Next keynote speaker was dr Marie Postma from University of Tillburg with the talk „Automatic Detection of Cognitive States”. Second day of the conference was opened by Sidey Myo reflecting on „The Future Existence of Human in Multitude Technological Worlds”.

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The success and popularity of workshops during the previous edition of the conference encouraged organizers to, once again, come up with something special. The topic favoured the involvement of participants in interactive forms of learning. Participants of one of the workshops had a possibility to experience and learn basic methods of sensory substitution, while another group focused on virtual reality not only by entering it, but also by trying to create a piece of it on their own. Official closure of the conference was accompanied by handing over the Jerzy Perzanowki’s awards for the best master and PHD thesis.

From the very beginning of its existence, the series of CCSCs shows that science does not have boundaries.

The key of our success is to create a welcoming space for an interdisciplinary discourse on the most recent topics in cognitive sciences. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for broadening horizons and enriching knowledge about each year’s edition’s special theme, in a friendly and international atmosphere.