11-12 May 2019
Jagiellonian University
Kraków, Poland




About 11th CCSC

Cracow Cognitive Science Conference is an event organised by students for young researchers from all over Europe.
Our aim is to create an open space for scientific exchange of ideas for representants of each branch of cognitive science.


Members Of Organizational Committee supervise the organisation of the conference from choosing the topic, through technical background, promotion and finally provide support for all the participant during the conference. Timetable, related events, workshops etc. it’s all managed by them, and it’s the Organizational Committee from whom you can seek help with eventual problems.

Main coordinator: Magdalena Sabat

  • Katarzyna Dziadowicz
  • Tomasz Kostka
  • Paweł Ciślik
  • Szymon Telejko
  • Piotr Litwin
  • Magda Kaczmarek
  • Agnieszka Bogdaniuk
  • Wiktoria Jamróz
  • Maria Kluziak
ccsc organizers


dr Dariusz Asanowicz

Dariusz Asanowicz is adjunct professor at the Institute of Psychology of Jagiellonian University. He received his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the Jagiellonian University and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Lübeck, Germany. He is interested in how distributed brain codes can be integrated into a coherent conscious representation of the world, what is the role of attention in this process, and what is the neuronal mechanism of attention. Currently, he is studying the mechanisms of interactions between attentional networks using using EEG/ERP and fNIRS optical brain imaging.

Scientific Committee

Members of the Scientific Committee are renowned and respected scientists with years of experience. Their most important task is the assessment of all abstracts that are sent for the Conference. Only after positive assessment from this Committee can the talks and posters be presented during the event.

Michał Klincewicz, PhD Tilburg University Jagiellonian University

Prof. Grzegorz J. Nalepa Jagiellonian University AGH University of Science and Technology

Prof. Michał Ostrowicki (Sidey Myoo) Jagiellonian University

Prof. Adam Chuderski Jagiellonian University

Prof. Michał Wierzchoń Jagiellonian University

Michał Bola, PhD Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS, Warsaw, Poland

Krystian Barzykowski, PhD Jagiellonian University

Prof. Przemysław Bąbel Jagiellonian University

Prof. Marek Binder Jagiellonian University

Prof. Marcin Bukowski Jagiellonian University

Prof. Mirosław Wyczesany Jagiellonian University

Prof. Romuald Polczyk Jagiellonian University

Marta Siedlecka, PhD Jagiellonian University

Magdalena Senderecka, PhD Jagiellonian University

Elżbieta Bajcar, PhD Jagiellonian University

Prof. Malwina Szpitalak Jagiellonian University

Magda Reuter, PhD Jagiellonian University